Lime Zinc+Orange Mineraliser - AVANTIKA SKIN

Lime Zinc+Orange Mineraliser

Vagheggi Phytocosmetici
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Pollution, smoke, ultraviolet rays, poor diet and stress are some of the elements that cause a gray and dull complexion, asphyxiate and dry skin and especially cause premature aging of tissues. The line Lime / Vitamin C offers a range of versatile products to use throughout the year and indicated for young skin as well as for mature skin. Based on stabilized Vitamin C, whole sweet orange juice from Calabria, oil and lime butter, orange blossom distillate and precious oils, all products aim to revive, hydrate, to nourish and illuminate the complexion. The skin looks visibly younger, revitalized and radiant.

A lotion with a high vitamin C content that has an incredible restructuring and anti-stress effect, refreshing and restoring skin hydration to leave it elastic.

Flacone 200 ml


Zinc gluconate: remineralising - Whole juice of Calabrian Blond Oranges: extraction of both the skin and of the pulp, it make vitamin C stable at high concentrations thanks to the special extraction technique used (pasteurisation) - Essential oil of orange: highly energising