Intense Complete Cleanser for Face and Eyes - AVANTIKA SKIN

Intense Complete Cleanser (3 in 1)

Intense Line by Vagheggi
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A multifunctional line for active women who live intensely every day, who use all the digital and technological devices available to them to be constantly connected with the world, who suffer the negative effects of the “blue light” that is releases, in addition to being subjected to the environmental pollution of large cities!

Intense is the long-awaited response to protect and adequately prevent skin aging caused by environmental and digital pollution! Products and a professional treatment that, in addition to protecting the skin, moisturize it to promote elasticity, smooth wrinkles, firm and giving it radiance and a visibly younger appearance.

Just a few drops of this cleanser, make-up remover and toner (3 in 1) on a cotton pad are enough to clean the eyes, face and neck, leaving the skin soft and radiant. An indispensable daily ritual! The softness of shea butter combined with the freshness of energized seawater that, in the morning, cleanses and purifies the skin while protecting it from from the damaging effects of pollution and, at night, removes make-up and smog residues. The droplets noticeable inside the bottle, after you shake the product, are due to the presence of shea butter that renders this unique Vagheggi cleanser/toner to, not only, clean the skin but leaves it soft and radiant in one single action.

200 ML


Laminaria hyperborea: specific age care smoothing action. An innovative active ingredient, winner of the “In Cosmetics Innovation Award”, which prevents and reduces instances of neuro degeneration, preserving neurone-fibroblast communication and reactivating collagen and elastin synthesis - Energized marine water: thanks to a microalga, which triggers a special anti-atmospheric pollution effect, it creates an invisible shield on the surface of the skin that then spreads down into the layers underneath, capturing and neutralizing pollutants - Sodium hyaluronate: a super-hydrating molecule and matrix of connective tissue, is responsible for maintaining levels of moisture, turgor and elasticity, acting as a binding agent - Beta-glucan: it has hydrating, regenerating, anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant properties.