Emozioni Plus Soothing Essence Mist - AVANTIKA SKIN

Emozioni Plus Soothing Essence Mist

Emozioni Plus by Vagheggi
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Range of products indicated for all types of skin from normal to sensitive, reactive and/or intolerant. A growing percentage of people respond excessively to changing weather conditions, smog, air conditioning, the use of inappropriate cosmetics, stress, cigarette smoke, etc. Sensitivity can affect all types of skin, since it is the organ most exposed to various stimuli.

Soothing concentrate based on distilled chamomile water, to be sprayed for an immediate relief in all situations of skin discomfort; organic bilberry and turmeric extracts refresh and calm the skin sensitivity on the face and body. Usage : spray on the face, neck and décolleté many times a day, even over make-up.

Bottle of 100 ml


CURCUMA LONGA prevents and blocks all stress-related skin irritation phenomena and other typical reactions of sensitive skins.
This concentrated plasma contains not only conventional anti-inflammatory molecules, but also messenger molecules and enzymes that make the lenitive effect faster and more effective. ZANTHOXYLUM BUNGEANUM From the fruits and shrubs is obtained is obtained, by CO2 extraction, a patented lipophilic active capable of providing a soothing action to the sensations of discomfort of sensitive skins. BLUEBERRY Organic blueberry extract, rich in anthocyanins, which acts on the wall of blood vessels, improving its resistance, permeability and elasticity. Antioxidant action. MATRICIAL CHAMOMILE Distilled water of chamomile responsible for marked lenitive properties.