75.15 Precious Toner - AVANTIKA SKIN

75.15 Precious Toner

Vagheggi Phytocosmetici
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Extra removal of impurities after thorough facial cleansing, hydrating the skin and leaving it radiant.



Cornflower water: a perennial plant belonging to the Asteracea family, that grows in Asia, North America and Europe. It has decongesting and moisturising properties thanks to formation of a shield of water that leaves the skin hydrated and elastic - Amethyst: a mineral with a deep purple colour due to the presence of manganese (a trace element that helps cell physiological activity), rich in silica, it hydrates and tones the skin - Sodium hyaluronate: a super-hydrating molecule and matrix of connective tissue, is responsible for maintaining levels of moisture, turgor and elasticity, acting as a binding agent - Plant polymer that combats environmental stress