75.15 Lifting Day Cream - AVANTIKA SKIN

75.15 Lifting Day Cream

Vagheggi Phytocosmetici
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The daily anti-ageing facial treatment that renews the skin and redefines facial contours for a fresh, compact, redensified appearance. For incredibly radiant, uniform complexion.



The active principle of Pistacia lentiscus resin crystals: obtained using the Green Technology supercritical CO2 extraction method it stimulates the functionality of youth proteins (Klotho) in the fibroblasts. Its lifting effect remodels the facial contours and gives the skin new-found density and compactness - Mica with a soft focus effect - Sodium hyaluronate: a super-hydrating molecule and matrix of connective tissue, is responsible for maintaining levels of moisture, turgor and elasticity, acting as a binding agent - Vitamins A and E: anti-oxidants - UV Filter